Ripe for the Picking


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We planted the seeds and watched it grow. My son pulled back a broad leaf and there it was – a cucumber. We ate and unearthed the potential. The blueberries plump up and the garden does grow. Isn’t summer wonderful?

I Want to Tell You More: Sign Language Gives My Son a Voice

I want to tell you more

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I stood in front of my son listening and listening, and I still couldn’t understand what he said. He calmly repeated the word over and over. I felt horrible. I wanted to understand more. “Boooey,” he said, again. He opened his hand and placed the palm in front of his …

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Get Your Easy Money at a Discount


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It’s so easy to get it easy. The stuff that’s hard, now that comes at a priceless price. If it was easy, everybody would buy it.

Traveling By Train with a Special Child


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Train! Train! my son yells whenever a train races by. Waiting for a train to go by or waiting at a train station is a delight for my special child. Trains can be a great way to travel. Less stressful than planes, trains shoot across country or a short subway ride. …

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Stories and Photos to Check Out Again


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Here’s a review of some of the stories I’ve loved telling so they don’t get lost in the dust. They also some include great photographs. 1. Head Above Water: Surviving Special Needs Parenting Together When my son jumped into the pool, he sank. His mouth and eyes were wide open, and …

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How We Start to Fix the Pain


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So much. So much pain. How do we fix the pain? I look out and see planes shot down, disappear, children kidnapped, homes underwater, and wonder what in the world can I do? When everything seems closed, shut tight, and the gates to all the answers locked and the key …

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We are One Big Fluffy Bunny

Big Fluffy Bunny quote

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When we are separate, we find reasons to hate. When we remove the space, we get all warm and fuzzy. Let’s get cozy and find reasons to love instead. What could be better than fluff?