Hippity Hop to Change

Hop to Change

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If something hasn’t changed from within today, better look for a new rabbit hole ’cause the old one is worn out. Hop hop hop to change and watch the impossible happen – even before breakfast!

All at Once

Big and small all at once

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Think you’re big? Remember how small we really are. Think you’re nothing? Remember how big you can be.

Ripe for the Picking


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We planted the seeds and watched it grow. My son pulled back a broad leaf and there it was – a cucumber. We ate and unearthed the potential. The blueberries plump up and the garden does grow. Isn’t summer wonderful?

I Want to Tell You More: Sign Language Gives My Son a Voice

I want to tell you more

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I stood in front of my son listening and listening, and I still couldn’t understand what he said. He calmly repeated the word over and over. I felt horrible. I wanted to understand more. “Boooey,” he said, again. He opened his hand and placed the palm in front of his …

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