Bridge the Gap

Bridge Gap

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The span between us seems too big to cross. Mind the gap; build a bridge; peace will come.

Stepping Out: A Necessary Time-Out for Moms


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When I can count on my one hand how many times I’ve been out on my own without kids in the last few months, I get scared. Not a scream-in-the-dark-because-there’s-a-monster-in-the-closet scared, but scared I’m getting crispy around the edges. Parenting takes time, and there never seems to be enough of …

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Whisper Sweet Nothings


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A pound of sweet nothings is a prevention and cure for most of life’s woes. Tell those you love simple, sweet nothings for the good of it.

Behind the Thick

BEauty Lies butterfly quote

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We’re all just ugly ducklings; butterflies in cocoons; a canvas before the paint. Hidden underneath our ego, fears, and the thick of life’s challenges is the true glory that is all we are meant to be.

Carry a Big Stick


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He held the stick up to the sky. Though he was laughing, I stopped. For a moment he wasn’t a child out for a walk, enamoured with a big stick; he was a warrior. It took a lot of strength to steady the long piece of wood above his head. …

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A Parent’s Confession: I am Craft Challenged


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Crafts are adorable, wonderful, fulfilling, organizing, and delightful – when they are done by someone other than me. I do crafts – lots of them – yet my end product never looks like THAT. I’ve looked on the web and found a similar round of confessions by parents who struggle …

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Room to Grow

Room to grow quote

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When all falls down, breaks, leaves us, it feels like a stark, cold, shattering time. The barest of branches; the clean palette will invite a new life – the chance to bloom again.