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Finding one’s voice is not easy. I get inspired from those who keep writing, sharing, and voicing stories. I’m sharing some inspiring and honest blogs, feeds, or finds. I hope you are as inspired as I was! Follow and share what inspires you.
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Hit a Hole in Parenting?

Love Whitney’s stories, honesty. She’s got a pulse on the issues we probably all struggle with. Check out one I liked: We All Face the Same Parenting Potholes.

Ever wish for that ONE thing to help make it easier?

In this story by Sarah Clark, The One Simple Change That Made Mom Life Easier, she gives a great read with honest truths and a story many can relate about heading back to school. Give strength to that inner voice and move into a greater force of self.

What Should Be Said?

This piece by fostermoms, addresses the place between a boulder and a squishy place in trying to find normalcy for children in turmoil and a home that loves them. In a perfect world, everyone would be kind, keep themselves together, and share love out of the true, not-wanting-anything-back side of their heart. For those work the soft spot in-between the hardness of life, well done. Read on: Foster Care and Adoption: Visits

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