Single Parenting

Once the perfect model of a family, all was broken and shattered. I reached to the floor, sunk to my knees, and picked up the pieces. If being a parent wasn’t enough, I faced the dark side of domestic violence. It can happen to all of us.
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I’ve learned to stand on my two feet while grasping on to the help and love of others. The strongest of the parts of ourselves emerge from the biggest challenges we face. Facing life with a special needs child was a lot to swallow, single parenting, wow. But, it can be done. Read what I have learned here. In the end all of it can be good, if erring to the side that Certainty will take us through to our best place – ever.

If you are there, there is help. If you feel alone, reach out. I know about the days of darkness. You and your children deserve more. The violence and loneliness can end.

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