Special Needs

Special Needs – that’s a mouthful. Let’s get to the bottom of things. At Nomorenicegirl.com explore health; manage wealth; dive into the well of knowledge out there, and feel big and wide all things that come down special.

As a single parent of a special needs child, I’ve been around the block and can help navigate the issues big and small. It’s time to put down our nice faces and get serious about what we need to do as a community to live the best and brightest we can.

I hope these stories about my special life with my two children are a way to help us connect in all the goofiness that is life. I’ll look back and the stories that brought me to today with the If I Knew Then…column. New parents and those facing issues that just make them want to throw in the towel may gain comfort, or at least a laugh, at the wisdom that comes with time and temperance.

The Nice Column is for all of us who’ve maybe laid down our soul for a doormat. Ever heard of the need to please? Think Oprah talked about it. We’re not talking about being nasty, no this is about standing up for ourselves. I happen to have a child with Down syndrome; it’s the package that came to my door. We’ve all been given a perfect blended mix of people and places that exist to bring us to our best potential. If we help others achieve theirs, well then, the circle comes back again. So too shall we receive ours.

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Special Needs Column