If I Knew Then…

Before the story of now, there is the story of then. What happened to the person then that walked forward to find herself in the thick of today?

That is the person I wish I could talk to, tell a few things, dispense with formalities and lay it on the line. I have the chance now to look back and dig through some of the static to transmit the stuff movies are made of- cut to the chase.

This is what this column is about now. If you have recently found out you are in that “special” lane of life or have been trecking it for a while, I speak to you with as I wish someone had spoken to me. Everyone said it would be alright. Everyone said, I was lucky in the end. Luck? Surgery? Deformity? That’s lucky? Where’s the gift in struggling for every breath, every step? At the time, I felt like kicking every person with good tidings in the teeth.
DSCN1342It’s been a few years since then, I’ve learned that yes, I am more than lucky. Luck is for gamblers. It took years to learn that luck left me, flew away to the clouds, way back when. In the pits of dispair, there is one thing. I’ve just seemed to find it, no, IT found me.

IT will take a while to explain. If I Knew Then is for you and mySELF. The one I wish I could hang out with today. Join in, there’s always room at the table.The skies are open.

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