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Big Guy Taught Me about Heros

One day, I heard a screaming, a howling, something was wrong. I ran next door and a puppy, Big Guy, had gotten through a hole in the fence. Three large dogs attacked him. He was a puppy, only a few months old. His mother went through the hole, fought off the dogs and by nothing less than a miracle, they both escaped back through [...]

How to Properly Stick One’s Hea...

Dear Charlie, What is the best form for sticking my head out the window in the heat of the summer? All these safety rules keep me harnessed until the end of the road, the final few feet, the window rolls down and…and…I get so excited I don’t know whether to look to the front of the back.       &n [...]

I’ve Been Adopted by a Kid with...

Like peas in a pod, dogs in a pack, ducks in a pond, my son and his dog get along like brothers. The relationship gives each a chance to learn to take turns, give back toys, and just hang out. Children with special needs can benefit greatly by having a dog. Though, at times it’s not easy. Walks, cost, time – these mu [...]

In My Eyes, You are Perfect

Charlie, the dog, sees my son with special needs as perfect. They are like brothers. They take each others toys, fight for ground, and have to go to their corners when they misbehave. With a four-footed friend around, my son gets to practice sharing, patience, and voicing a “sorry” when he gets a little rough. With m [...]

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